Gangsta Paradise

BeCOME an OG Meerkat

They look so cute and harmless, don't they?
Well, don't be fooled!


Meerkats are survivors! Nicknamed "sentinels of the desert", meerkats work in gangsta mode!

I give you an advice, avoid venturing outside your territory!

Don't be fooled by their cute appearance, they are considered one of the most aggressive species on our planet!

It's no wonder that when the human species gradually became extinct, Meerkats decided to take power !

Rapper gangs, Irish gangs, zombies, cyborgs ... all fight to defend and increase their territory ...

It's up to you to choose your meerkat, your gang and become an OG.

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image


9,999 1,999 OG Meerkats

All unique 1:1 NFTs minted on Hedera Token Service, generated with 100+ different traits and accessories, they can become your digital identity.


Access to future Lazy Farms

Lock your Meerkats for a fixed lock time and get a reward afterwards.


Get a Cyborg Meerkat

Holders of at least 5 OG Meerkats will get a special airdrop in 2022, a "Cyborg" Meerkat.


Join the Gang

Be a Meerkat holder, and join a special Club with benefits including: discounts on future collection, online events, giveaways and airdrops.

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